The Pedagogical is Political

The Routledge Companion to Architectural Pedagogies of the Global South

The Pedagogical is Political

Extract from the introduction by

Harriet Harriss, Barry Curtis, and Ashraf M. Salama

The third section of this companion offers a number of positions and cases that reveal subject-situated efforts to develop and implement pedagogies that are not only sensitive and responsive to their social, environmental, and political contexts, but grapple with larger questions of social justice, too.

Writing across a range of regions, the work of Michele Gorman Jolanda Morkel, Hermie Elizabeth Delport, and Lindy Osborne Burton presents a case study featuring four pedagogues simultaneously and synchronously committed to collaborating across the four continents of Africa, Australia, and North America during the first year of the pandemic. It addresses the potential of remote connection as an opportunity to expand the exchange of materials, including culturally diverse philosophies and perspectives and their efforts to expose structural inequalities that characterize the traditional architectural design studio.

ISBN 9780367893705

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